Editorial Of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

The Marseille Fos Port has always contributed to the economic, touristic and cultural development of its surrounding area.

A major player in New Marseille, the Marseille Fos Port, in partnership with the City of Marseille and the Metropole, is working on redesigning the seafront of the Phocaean city. Major recent milestones such as the Silo Theatre and the more recent Terrasses du Port commercial centre are a testament to the port’s commitment to this objective.

Today, the Port of Marseille hopes to breathe a new life into one of its most emblematic buildings, the J1. This historic structure built by the sea, at the heart of the business district and a few steps away from the touristic centre, is now set to sail for a new future that espouses modernity all while being attuned to its prestigious past.

The J1, a link between a city and its port, awaits future generations.
The J1, a steel and concrete ship docked for eternity, is finally ready for new voyages into the 21st century.
The J1 and its 25,500 sq. meters of open areas are waiting to host your audacious and bold project.

The call for projects is opened: LE J1!


M. Jean-Marc FORNERI

Chairman and Founder of Bucéphale Finance
Chairman of the Port of Marseille Supervisory Board

Editorial Of the Chairman of the Management Board

The principle laid down by the port reform strengthens the development and planning responsibilities of major French ports. Today, and in addition to its sovereign role as developer of port activities, traffic and infrastructure, the port of Marseille Fos – the first port in France – is also rolling out a voluntarist restructuring process that allows it to enhance and nurture the heritage and real estate assets entrusted to its authority.

It is within this approach that the Port of Marseille Fos launched “Dare the J1”, a call for international projects that aspires to give the mark of international economic dynamism and new urban-port life to the prestigious J1 building.

Located at the edge of the berth overlooking the sublime Marseille harbour and having access to both the city and to the port, the J1 building is a symbol of the port’s history and ambition for growth. The unique structure with exceptional dimensions (264m long by 34m high, with a height of 23m!) is situated at the heart of the rapidly evolving Joliette quartier, which is part of the ambitious Euro-Mediterranean urban rehabilitation program that aims to create a focal area for all cultural, economic and maritime activities.

The particularities of both the site and its surroundings give us great expectations and high aspirations. We hope for the emergence of a project that is fully in line with the new economy while successfully capitalizing on the port and maritime dimensions of the area; a project with a strong vision that adds value to the unique heritage of the site; a project that will write a new chapter for the harbour and for Marseille, in which the city and the port meet, complement and reinforce their mutual cultural and economic influences, to carry our ambitions of international prominence.

It is now up to you to dare the J1!



Port of Marseille Fos
Chief executive officer
Chairman of the Executive Board

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